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True Value Calibration Services (TVCS) Pvt Ltd., is the sister company of M/s.Sensortron, (www.sensortron.net) which manufactures high precision weights. TVCS had a very humble beginning in the year 2007, later went on to get Accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), which is an autonomous body under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. We have vast expertise in the field of weights & weighing machines and volumetric measurements. Recently, the company started its calibration activity in Thermal and Humidity parameters. TVCS also offers servicing of Load Cells of any brand, any capacity.

TVCS has documented an effective quality documentation systems which meets ISO/IEC 17025 "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories".TVCS calibration laboratory and processes are ISO/IEC 17025 compliant. The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), The Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC), National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), National Institute of Standards and Technology, Deutsche KlinikfürDiagnostik (DKD) etc., follows the ISO/IEC17025 quality system. Our laboratory has been audited regularly by internal, external, and customer auditors, to ensure our continued compliance with this standard.

In metrology, measurement uncertainty is a non-negative parameter characterizing the dispersion of the values attributed to a measured quantity. Our laboratory offers the best calibration measurement capability with very low uncertainties. Our Metrologists are trained periodically at National Physical Laboratory(NPL), New Delhi and Centre on education and training for employment(CETE), Bangalore to update ourselves with the latest methods offered in this field.

Traceability : To improve the quality of the calibration and have the results accepted by outside organizations it is desirable for the calibration and subsequent measurements to be "traceable" to the internationally defined measurement units. At TVCS all our master standards are traceable to NPL New Delhi and NVLAP USA with very least uncertainities.

Environment : Our Calibration Laboratory meets the prescribed environmental standards. Our laboratory is ideally located in a vibration free environment to reduce the effects of vibrations. The temperature, humidity and the barometric pressure are measured and recorded at regular intervals. Temperature measured to ± 0.01 degree C and maintained a tolerance of ± 0.2 degree C/hour and humidity is measured to ± 2% with a tolerance of ± 5% change per hour. Barometric pressure is measured to 0.01 mm Hg.

With our vast experience in this field, TVCS perseveres to offer world-class calibration services and expand its activities and also its support to its numerous customers, maintaining its very high quality services with reduced calibration time and least uncertainty values.F2 class weights calibration, M1 class weights calibration, M2 class weights calibration, M3 class weights calibration, Cast Iron Weights calibration.


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